Student Enrolment Policy






Every student at the school needs to be enrolled in writing prior to commencing any studies or activities with the school.



Enrolment is to be done by the parent or the care giver of the student only on the enrolment form provided by the school management committee.



School management committee can accept or reject any application to enrol a student in to the school.



Enrolments will only be carried out by a nominated member of the school management committee.



Every student need to be re-enrolled at the beginning of every academic year OR at the time of resuming studies after a lapse of studies at the school continuously for more than 6 months as per the school’s attendance records.









School fees are to be paid at the time of enrolment, or at a time mutually agreed between the parent/care giver and the management committee.



Parents can request temporary exemption from school fees on the grounds of financial hardship from the president of the school management committee or his/her delegate. The president or the delegate may request certain proof of individual situations during the process of assessing the request. Such information will be kept confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the academic year. The fee status of the student also must be kept confidential at all times.






Class Level



The student(s) will be enrolled into a class level decided by the enrolling committee member in conjunction with a teacher nominated by the committee for that purpose. However, this decision may be changed after a period of time if the student’s current knowledge deemed to be higher or lower than the initially enrolled class level. This change if taken will be done for the benefit of the individual student as well as the other peer students of the incumbent/previous class. The decision to change the class level will be discussed with the parents/care givers of the child(ren) by the relevant teacher(s) and/or the committee member(s).



Continuing students will be re-enrolled into a class level recommended by the teacher of the last class of the student depending on the student’s language study merits.









The applicant(s) may be required to agree and sign-off a set of school policies before proceeding with their application(s). These may include codes of conduct and discipline policies etc.



Students who fail to pay school fees on time and/or fail to observe school policies may be subject to termination.



Parents/care givers and students will need to observe policies, procedures, guidelines and requests made by the management committee from time to time, as and when required for the betterment of the day-to-day operations of the school.









Parents of the students will be encouraged to obtain membership of the Sinhalease Cultural Form of NSW which is the parent body of the school.



Parents of the students will be encouraged and requested to participate and assist in various school related activities to promote the effectiveness and viability of the school.



Parents of the students will be encouraged to actively liaise with the teachers regarding their children’s language education activities.




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