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Vesak Gilan Pasa

NPSS provides morning "Gilan Pasa" every year to devotees who observe Vesak SIL. Your participation is very much valued and contributions are taken from next week (list will be at Ape Kade). 
We expect around 1000 adults and 500 students sil observers and we need volunteers to help us with preparing and serving Gilan Pasa. Please contact Pubudu de Alwis (0406 012 923) for details.

Mothers Day Celebrations

NPSS Teachers cordially invites all mothers of NPSS to join for a small refreshment at 12noon at the main hall 

EOI called for becoming a Teacher attached to NPSS

North Parramatta Sinhala School is run by a dedicated panel of qualified teachers and it has the highest quality of learning Sinhala language & culture in Sydney.  Are you keen to join the teaching panel and become a resource for our students?
Please contact teacher coordinator for further details and for the application.
Chandana Wanigasooriya    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    0424 138 739

Mal Kekulu Magazine

Please note the following guidelines.
  • Articles/artworks can be submitted under any topic.  
  • of May 2018.thDeadline for articles/drawings submission is 20
Front and Back Cover art competition
  • Open to anyone 
  • DO NOT write your name on the front of the drawing 
  • Write your name, class and school on the back of your artwork. 
  • Please follow the template guidelines - leave 1cm boarder
  • Outline your artwork in black pen.
  • There will be prizes for the winners of the front and back cover drawings
 Other Articles in The Magazine
  • Please follow the template guidelines for your article submission-  leave 1cm border (top, bottom, left and right).
  • Outline your article or drawing with a Black pen or use a Black pen to write.
  • Write your name, class and school in the bottom right hand corner.

Sinhala School Biennial Concert 2018
The greatest show has come upon us again. The concert will be held at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Center in Penrith on 29th Sept 2018. Concerning the huge amount of work that is before us, we encourage everyone to stick to the following time line.
  • Performers / items registration 15th of June
  • Initial items review towards end of term 2



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