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North Parramatta Sinhala School (NPSS) was officially opened on the 27th of October 1990 and began with a mere 38 students. Since then student numbers have gradually increased and at the beginning of 2009, 160 students were enrolled.

Students at NPSS have the opportunity not only to learn and better their Sinhala language silks but also to experience and learn about our rich culture and traditions. At NPSS , great emphasis is also given to Leadership development, with the aim to build capacity within the student to develop leadership qualities. Our objective is to provide our sons and daughters an opportunity to develop in to confident, successful Australian citizens, capable of integrating in to this multicultural society, while maintaining the unique identity of a Sri Lankan.


Our Mission

  • To provide avenues and guidance to Sinhalese Children in Sydney Australia, to nurture and preserve their cultural identity, through education of Sinhala language,culture,heritage and tradition.
  • To provide guidance, information and the right environment to Sinhalese children to grow up without fear, frustration or misdirection in a multicultural country.
  • To help and support Sinhalese children , to understand and practice social and cultural values preserved through 2500 years the Nation’s history.
  • To help Sinhalese children to acquire their rightful place in their newly adopted country.
  • To guide them to develop leadership , thereby making it possible to continue serving the community to preserve these values for future generation of Sinhalese children.


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