Mother tongue, as the term suggests, is closest to a person's heart. Like mother's touch and mother's milk, it can never find a substitute.

Welcome to Our School

North Parramatta Sinhala School (NPSS) was established in 1990 by a group of patriotic Sri Lankans with an abiding love for their motherland. Thus, the aim of the school is to provide present and future generations of young Sri Lankans in Sydney with an avenue to learn about Sri Lanka, the sinhala language, culture, traditions and thereby maintain a strong link with their heritage.

The emphasis at NPSS is to teach the Sinhalese language, Culture and traditions. To facilitate this, the school has a number of qualified and dedicated teachers with a commitment to educate youngsters to be conscious of their mother language and culture whilst being proud Australians. Students of NPSS have the opportunity to participate in many cultural events throughout the year thus nurturing and reinforcing their ethnic cultural identity. Through the years our youngsters had the opportunity to participate in, Independence day celebrations, Sinhala Avurudu celebrations, Bakmaha Rangana and workshops with visiting Sri lankan artists to name a few.

Sinhala School Dinner Dance 2018

North Parramatta Sinhala School (NPSS) conducts this annual event to raise funds for school maintenance.


Sinhala School Biennial Concert 2018

The greatest show has come upon us again. The concert will be held at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Center in Penrith on 29th Sept 2018. Concerning the huge amount of work that is before us, we encourage everyone to stick to the following timeline. Performers/items registration 15th of June Initial items review towards the end of term 2

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